Matrix Building

A crystal grid is an organized structure of minerals and other objects that function as energetic circuitry to work in tandem with the user’s intentions. The total structure of a crystal grid is a “matrix” (pl. matrices) and the matrix exists as a blueprint of energy pathways. Once a matrix has been established the energy must then be channeled through the crystals for it to begin working.

The same crystal matrix may be used to send energy out and to draw it in depending on how you direct it. You cannot look at a grid and immediately know its function. The function is determined by the energy worker and then realized by the crystals who continue conducting the energy even after the “work” phase is over. Let’s look at an example:

This is a basic cross matrix. The fuchsia dot in the middle is where you would position the object or person being worked on. This might be a quartz crystal you are programming to radiate calming energy for your living room, or an item that has been implanted with foreign energy that needs drawn out through the outer crystals.

The outlying fuchsia dots represent the crystals you’ve specifically chosen to amplify your intention. If the intention is to heal then you will place healing crystals such as selenite or kyanite in the first “shell” around the center. If your intention is to ward an area then you would place protective crystals such as tourmaline or even salt rocks in the shell. You can mix and match different minerals for your desired effect, feel free to get creative.

If the only positions filled in this matrix are the fuchsia dots you will have successfully formed a grid. However, some may opt to place “connection” stones such as quartz points between the outlying shells and the center object. These positions are represented by the black lines in the image and serve to reaffirm the connection between each crystal. Again, they are not necessary, but as you increase the complexity of a matrix they will help keep everything organized and balanced.

For a walk-through on grid building, continue on to Grid Structure.


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