Grid Structure

(continued from matrix building)

When you first start gridding crystals into a matrix you might ask yourself, “Am I doing this right?” until you get comfortable building them. You could also be wondering, “When is the right situation?” or, “Is a grid necessary?” but I urge you to worry less about when it’s appropriate and focus more on when it’s working. I can’t tell you the right and wrong times to use a grid, that’s between you and your healing guides. I can, however, share an example grid to show you an example of how to perform the energy working once you’ve decided it’s appropriate.

Remember, as a healer the final decision is yours to make. Practice builds experience and experience breeds confidence. Trust yourself to make any changes necessary but for this example try it first as-written.

You will need:

  • A pocket-size crystal, preferably tumbled rose quartz but any gentle stone will do.
  • 2 healing crystals (citrine, orange calcite, selenite, kyanite, or your preference)
  • 2 grounding crystals (hematite, malachite, quartz, tourmaline, or your preference)
  • Optional: 4 quartz points

The healing crystals will ideally be the same mineral, ex. kyanite and kyanite, but if you do not have a paired set it’s okay to mix them. Same goes for grounding crystals, though generally it’s best to match minerals when doing grounding work. For this example I will be using orange kyanite as my healer stones and malachite as my grounders. The crystal receiving the energy work will be a rose quartz in this case.

Here’s a visual to help tie all of that in:

If you choose to use quartz points then place them between each stone where the black markers are. Keep the outer stones sitting on opposite sides from themselves forming intersecting lines through the center. For this example the healer stone kyanite is laid horizontally with the malachite crossing vertically. You can switch that if you like, in my experience basic grids like these have a lot of aesthetic freedom with an inherent “Artistic License” so-to-speak. Everything in balance.

Once the stones are placed take a moment to feel the energy of the stones interacting with each other. It’s good practice to feel the natural energy of the stones before beginning energy work, this will help ground you for the process.

Continue on to Energy Raising.


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