Energy Raising

(continued from grid structure)

Now that you’ve laid your grid it’s time to activate it. Begin by reaffirming the intention of the work you’re about to do. For this example we intend to amplify the natural healing properties of rose quartz. You can add a specific purpose such as “for the benefit of whoever receives this stone” or leave the intention simply as it is. Speak your intention clearly and deliberately either aloud or with your internal voice.

If you like you can light a stick of incense or a special candle. Just be sure you won’t distract yourself. Calm instrumental music or sounds of nature can help but if it’s too much of a fuss then don’t worry about the ambiance. This doesn’t need to be a complex ritual, it’s as simple as getting started.

Begin by grounding the rose quartz with the energy of your grounding stones. I used malachite, represented by the green dots. Place your hands or point your wand/conductor at the top stone and draw the energy into the rose quartz. You might imagine a chain link connecting them or some other tethering apparatus. Repeat with the lower stone. Repeat this affirmation:

“I ground this stone that it may be tempered to receive the energy raised by my working.”

You can add a “so be it,” “amen,” or whichever prayer ending you are accustomed to.

Continue by drawing the energy of your healing crystals into the rose quartz stone in the same fashion as your grounding. I used orange kyanite, represented by the orange dots. Whereas your grounding stones tethered the rose quartz, you’ll want to imagine your healing stones creating a center of light that shines into the rose quartz. Being a science and techno-geek I prefer to visualize a laser beaming into the center stone. Repeat this affirmation:

“I illuminate this stone that it may be a beacon shining with the natural healing energies within.”

Again, add whichever prayer ending phrase you prefer.

Now that the stone is both properly grounded and the natural healing energies have been affirmed, it’s time to add your own energy to the mix. If you’re attuned to Reiki you may begin drawing symbols into the stone now. If you have other healing symbols or mantras such as “Om mani padme hum” or a rune sigil now is the appropriate time to channel them. Otherwise just envision a golden light shining down into the top of your head and out through your heart and hands into the grid.

Once you’ve established an energy flow, begin creating a circular current of energy spinning clockwise. Start with your grounding stone and visualize a chalk line being formed around the grid. Don’t stop after one rotation, continue circling the grid until you feel the energy spinning of its own accord. Think “spiritual momentum” if that helps. You might visualize a lotus flower blooming in the center or any other affirming visual of the grid awakening. When you’ve sufficiently charged the grid repeat this affirmation:

“By the energy raised here I declare this grid alive. Mineral be thy body, life force be thy blood, and healing be thy purpose.”

Close with the prayer ending phrase you’ve used in the last two steps.

At this point you will have awakened the natural healing properties within the stones and added your own work efforts to guide them. Take a minute to enjoy the energy around you and within the stones, notice any difference in your perceptions. Have you yourself received healing as well? How much time has passed? Reaffirm your surroundings and ground yourself back in “normal” space and time.

When you want to remove the rose quartz from the grid there need not be any complex ritual or recitation. The work is already done. A simple prayer of gratitude will suffice:

“Having done the good work of this healing, I affirm the energy awakened within this stone. Though it be removed from the grid the healing light will continue to shine on anyone who is willing to receive it. Mineral be thy body, life force be thy blood, and healing be thy purpose.”

And you are free to dismantle the grid and place the rose quartz wherever it needs to go. You might carry it in your pocket or gift it to a friend. It can be offered to the woods or a near river if you’re attempting to heal the land.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully gridded a crystal and filled it with healing energy! Please feel free to leave any comments about your experience below, I would love to hear them!


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Hi, I'm Anthony, and this is my WordPress blog for me to share some insight with the world. I'm 23 years old and my degree will be in Biology. Having taken the time to study the natural world from a scientific standpoint I slowly found something deeper behind it, studying me back in turn. There may be many discoveries in Biological Science, but mystery is still the majority and a healthy dose of spirituality has always helped synthesize the new things I learn while growing as a person internally. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions.
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5 Responses to Energy Raising

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  2. Michelle says:

    Awesome explanation of everything! 🙂

  3. Daniel Grey says:

    Fascinating stuff! I found your blog through the ADF discussion lists. I hope you plan to write more. 🙂

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