Dreams and Illusions: A Doubled-Edged Sword

Being Bound by Illusion

Being Bound by Illusion and Fear

As a normal self-aware Aquarius I’m very familiar with symbolism relating to the element of Air. Birds and winged mythological creatures caught my eye as a child and I remember believing with every cell in my 8-year-old body that I could levitate if I tried hard enough. While my body never left the ground, I was releasing my mind upward with visuals of elevators taking me past the clouds where the “big birds” would lay their nests.

The ability to dream, either consciously or during REM sleep, is a gift I’ve kept dear to my heart. Dreams are also associated by some with the element of Air. So many things in the waking world excited or motivated me throughout my childhood and adolescence. I was a percussionist and most of my friendships were made in the band room. I was also very interested in the Sciences of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. I look back at my Elementary teachers and I am amazed by how artistic these men and women were. I remember my mother and father being proud of me, which made me want to excel in these fields that much more.

When I would get home from school I had a hard time relating what I learned to my neighborhood friends and parents. I felt like nobody really understood how amazed I was that day by what I had learned. I’d spend some time in my room reading ahead in my science textbooks to try and reclaim that sense of wonder in my home before it was time for the kids to play outside. Like most kids though, the excitement of kickball and make-believing in the woods quickly washed away my concerns of the physical world and its laws. At night I would fall asleep remembering what I learned that day and I would dream of how everything pieced itself together.

The dreaming came with lessons and, eventually, warnings. When I was growing up the phrase “rediscover your inner child” was common and the theme played itself out in several movies and TV shows. I’d watch businessmen and CEO’s on the television make terribly foolish mistakes while ignoring blatant signs from their children or nature. This was my first introduction to the archetype of The Fool, and these people had no clue that they were on journeys to self-discovery. As I watched this theme played out so often I formed the belief that as long as I listened to my heart and dreams, I wouldn’t have to experience these terrible missteps.

The path of a Dreamer is not without its own lessons and pitfalls, a lesson I continue to learn even now. Paying attention to my impressions and interactions helped me avoid what I used to call “common mistakes” but recent years have taught me that no dream goes unchallenged in our world. I pay little attention to the criticism of others for my beliefs; when I’m psychoanalyzed so quickly by others I remember that I, too, have made my hasty judgments and I pray for unconditional forgiveness on both our parts. It’s worth reiterating that such an act of forgiveness is a very recent lesson of mine and I am regularly challenged on my ability to forgive. But if trusting our intuition and our guides on the path of a Dreamer helps us avoid many mundane errors, how does a Dreamer know if he or she is actually learning anything about this world and what challenges are we presented with that advance that knowledge?

At the risk of inflating my own ego, I do believe that the path of a Dreamer is something very unique because the path is different for everyone and it can begin whenever we are called to it. Some of us have always been Dreamers, some have had more important lessons to learn before they were ready for the path. Some might see the path of Dreaming as an escape from reality, a psychological phenomenon created by the brain to ease the trauma of a subconscious fear. To this last group I share my belief that Dreaming is never the phenomenon of creating illusions, but the ability of objectively seeing past them into how the energy behind them represent the themes (or archetypes) active in a persons life and current cycle.

This is hard work on the part of a Dreamer, because often times we look further into a person than they might care for us to. Conversely, people may expect a Dreamer to see all that is there. Many people have an “all-or-nothing” polarization towards dream-work where every action must have significance or else a dream means nothing. The illusion of an old gypsy woman fogged by pungent incense and a vibrant crystal ball represents their best vision of a “Seer”. When they discover that Seers, Healers, and Dreamers are normal people with normal limitations they may doubt our abilities. Although it is tempting to lose faith in ourselves as well, we must realize that they are not doubting us, but are doubting themselves subconsciously. When others see Dreamers as normal people like themselves their subconscious sees for the first time its own potential to become a Dreamer. Some take this as an enabling cue for them to explore their own dreams, others may only doubt themselves further and continue looking for “the thing” that gives us our abilities. This is the test that creates the illusion of Dreamers as “separate” from the world. By cutting through this illusion we find that “the thing” is actually nothing but our own soul’s voice and we then gain the gift of Dreaming. By doubting the subtlety of dreams we only strengthen the illusion which can chase many people away and place doubt where unconditional trust once was.

With all of this considered, it’s easy to see how the power of our dreams can be a double-edged sword that both excels and hinders us at times. The glamorization of Dreamers in Hollywood cinema and prime-time television has created an illusion that effects everyone. Those who seek our help might expect us to accurately predict the future which is an entirely different gift. Those of us who seek to become Dreamers might feel let down by expecting every dream to bring epiphany or revelations of spirit. Expectations of dramatic magical feats harms both parties, and thus the Dreamer must always remember that seeing through the illusion is an even greater act of magic than creating them.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a warm winter solstice! Feel free to comment below. I apologize if my responses are delayed, I’m still getting accustomed to WordPress!


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Hi, I'm Anthony, and this is my WordPress blog for me to share some insight with the world. I'm 23 years old and my degree will be in Biology. Having taken the time to study the natural world from a scientific standpoint I slowly found something deeper behind it, studying me back in turn. There may be many discoveries in Biological Science, but mystery is still the majority and a healthy dose of spirituality has always helped synthesize the new things I learn while growing as a person internally. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions.
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